Wetland Mitigation is Important

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Simplifying Ag Wetland Mitigation Banking

It’s the South Dakota Farm Bureau’s mission to help producers understand their options when it comes to buying or selling wetland credits. We’ve partnered with producers and government agencies to create a seamless process to assist landowners and farmers in achieving the highest potential performance on their acres.

Create and Sell Wetland Credits

Realize your land’s fullest potential. If you have a section on your farm that isn’t producing like it should, Ag Wetland Mitigation Banking is a perfect solution. Acres can be turned into credits that are sold to those wanting them for compliance. It’s farmers helping farmers.

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Buying wetland credits for compliance shouldn’t be hard. South Dakota Farm Bureau partners with local landowners to create wetland credits for purchase. Whether you are being proactive or reactive about wetland mitigation, we’re here to make it easy.

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The Ag Wetland Mitigation Banking Process

With sustainability at its core, the program helps landowners turn low-producing land into wetlands, creating a credit that can be purchased by other producers. With an easy to follow process and dedicated team members, it has never been easier for Wetland Mitigation and compliance to be possible.

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We’re here to help. If you’re interested in purchasing credits or turning low producing acres into an opportunity, our team members are ready to answer questions and help you get the process started.

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